Uniqueness Textile [Promoting Individuality with Inherent Value, Not Just Differentiation]

Our company, headquartered in Kyoto, specializes in a comprehensive range of fashion products, including kimonos, textiles, apparel, jewelry, and bags. We engage in planning, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. The textile division, with its long-standing base in Tokyo, continues to create and produce original textiles. Our focus primarily lies in stock and custom sales to domestic women's apparel brands. Our product range encompasses a wide variety of materials, from lightweight to medium-weight fabrics made of synthetic, natural, and blended fibers, including woven and knitted fabrics, jacquards, laces, embroideries, and secondary processed products (such as printed and specially treated materials). We are also increasingly focusing on stockpiling colored yarns (wool and cotton top yarns), exploring new materials and manufacturing possibilities with a fresh perspective. Although we do not own a factory, we see our ability to manufacture in all regions, including overseas production, as a significant advantage. We continually seek connections with various entities to evoke new demand and remain committed to creating and promoting unique values and individuality.

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