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yarn-dyed high-density coat fabrics

We mainly sell yarn-dyed high-density coat fabrics that are used sulfide dyes with highfunctionality, high-density and excellent light-fastness.
We carry out integrated production from yarn dyeing to weaving, express all materials with yarn-dyed chambray, and weave with high-density, which is one of the few technologies inJapan. Its quality is thoroughly controlled, therefore stable supply is available.

MADE IN JAPAN which we stick to

We are developing mainly coat materials that assume adverse conditions such as rain, sunlight and after all we are proud of outstanding light-fastness by using sulfide dyes and deep hues for dark colors. We use sulfide dyes that can be expressed and has strong fastness.
In this way our company sends out MADE IN JAPAN which we stick to.


You know what?Over 97 % of cloth sales in Japan are made in overseas. This means that just below 3 % clothes are made in Japan. Our company is a pure made-in-Japan maker that produces clothes through entire process such as dyeing,weaving, finishing and sewing. We are good at materials for outer coat which requires the most strict quality norms. We are engaged in showing who make the clothes carefully and stick to our motto: relief, safety and responsibility. We produce “EDOCOAT”, pure made-in-Japan, and supply as genuine gem for our clients.


2020 Exhibited at Milano Unica A/W, Italy
2019 Exhibited at Milano Unica A/W, Italy
2018 Debuted the factory brand “EDO COAT” for EC sales.Exhibited at Japan Textile Salon in New York, U.S.A.
2016 After obtaining J ∞ QUALITY corporate certification, we won the first Grand Prix of the millet.
2014 Started selling yarn-dyed products in cooperation with Styletex Co., Ltd. And Masterpiece Co., Ltd. Merged with a dyeing partner, Hatsukura Kogyo, we were developing world’s highest    peak, “MADE IN JAPAN” by further strengthening the integrated system from dyeing to weaving.
2010 Exclusive sales company, Styletex Co., Ltd., was established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
2003 Exhibited at Paris Premiere Vision in cooperation with Daiwabo Co., Ltd. And we won all three of the most popular products awards.
1995 Established Daiwa Intertec Co., Ltd.with Nohara KogyoCo., Ltd. as the basic principle of consistent weaving and sales of high-grade yarn-dyed coat cloth. Its headquarter factory was set up at the current location. We started export to Europe.
1990 Using raw materials imported from Italy, we started production of yarn-dyed 60/2 gabardine for Aquascutum, U.K.
1970 We became a designated mill under Sanyo Shokai “Burberry” license agreement. We started development of yarn-dyed coat for Burberry. Then yarn-dyed 70/2 gabardine production was begun. We made a plan to introduce weaving machine from Picanol, Belgium and installed 6 test machines.
1950 We started exporting yarn-dyed coat cloth to the U.S.A. by expanding and modernizing looms and other equipment, and utilizing technologies such as canvas.
1940 Established Nohara Kogyo Co.,Ltd. with the Nohara Textile Factory as the parent company. We produced military supplies like canvas as a munition of factory.
1890 Nohara Textile Factory was founded.

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styletex co,ltd
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nihonbashi KR building 2F, 1-10, daidennba-cyo nihonbahi chuou-ku,Tokyo, Tokyo
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野原 剛(Tsuyoshi nohara)
Textile,Plain textile/Piece dyeing fabric,Pattern textile/yarn dyeing fabric,Natural fiber,For apparel,Interior fabric,High quality/Committed to fabric,Quick delivery

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