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Mastered High Quality Worsted Fabric -Cut and sold one by one carefully-

We plan and sell high-quality worsted fabrics centered on tailors. We have 220 types of worsted fabrics, from the highest quality Super 180 raw materials to basic raw materials and from plain to patterned in stock. Because it is a suit that you want to wear carefully for a long time, I would like you to choose the consciously selected raw materials.


“Kings Mill”(40 colors) that original collection of suit fabrics woven in Huddersfield of England will be on sale from this fall. In addition to the tension special of it, the soft touch and luster enhance the quality of the fabric. Please contact us as we will start selling sample books in the future.


Be particular about made in Japan, and we can propose original collection of the suits fabric “Inocencia” (140 colors) that produced in the world’s top three wool producing areas in one sample book. We also sell sample books, and customers can choose from 140 types of materials from the BOOK at the store.

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We can propose the Italian print lining collection "Aria Azzurro" (80 colors) in one sample book. We also sell sample books and by the piece, and we are developing a lot of lovely patterns from standard to avant-garde.

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What is CMOS?

In October 2020, we formed a partnership with ABIN MEMBERS to provide CMOS 3D simulation, which is a unique patented technology targeted at order suits. It is a brand aiming for a new revival period of order suits in the 4th industrial era by fusing the analog order industry and 3D digital. It has become possible to make completely new proposals on the spot by introducing our brands "Inocencia" and "CMOS”.

Company History

1904 Established ready-made clothing manufacturing and sales business as Goto Shoten in Tanimachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka (currently Chuo-ku).
1919 Started wholesale of luxury men's clothing material.
1925 Changed the trade name to Goto Matsujiro Shoten.
1939 Reorganized into Gotomatsu Shoten Co., Ltd. (capital: 160,000 yen).
1945 On June 7, the stores were completely destroyed by the 3rd Osaka air raid.
1966 Company name changed to Gotomatsu Co., Ltd., Imported women's clothing fabric department was newly-established.
1988 Constructed and relocated a new office at 3-chome, Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
2004 Changed the company name to Associate Co., Ltd. on the 100th anniversary.
(Photo:1930 National tournament officer that wholesaler of mens fabric. Third row from the front, the third person from the right is Matsujiro of the second president.)

Company Profile

Company Name
associe inc.
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3-1-9, Tanimachi-cho,chuou-ku,Osaka-city, Osaka
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Textile,Plain textile/Piece dyeing fabric,Pattern textile/yarn dyeing fabric,Natural fiber,Wool fabric,For apparel,Working wear fabric/Uniform,High quality/Committed to fabric,Quick delivery,Sales in cuts

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