History of processing technology for 134 years.

We started finishing of “Ohmi Johfu” in 1887.Beginning with bleach and dyeing of cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, we are general textile processing mill for special texture, special shape finish, “Ohmi Chijimi”, processing kimono fabrics, bed fabrics and industrial fabrics. We believe that adding value to special Japanese materials rich in high quality leads to development of textile world. And we continue dispatch the materials to the world.

Ohmi repulsion processing which untwisting technology enables us to accomplish.

What’s untwisting?Grey fabrics which are woven by high-twisted thread are usually finished very hard. It’s untwisting technology which untwists such hard fabrics and softens them.Ohmi repulsion processing enables us to create original texture of natural fibers, maximizing bulge as well as natural emboss almost by hands. The quantity that we’ve done Ohmi repulsion processing reached 4,500,000 meters so far and it is quite peculiar to us.

New sustainable technology and initiatives

【Non fluorine water repellent finish】
Although fluorine water repellent finish is common, Daicho has developed non fluorine water repellent finish which is same as fluorine water repellent besides oil repellent performance.

New sustainable technology and initiatives

【ELP processing】
We developed vertical wrinkle process which is full of shape retention apart from resin processing and high density alkaline treatment.

New sustainable technology and initiatives

【Antifouling processing】
Dropout effect after laundry is enforced more than existing antifouling processing as collar stain measures, and we developed two different antifouling processing: SG/SR

Recycled Linen

Two pieces of photo listed above are waste linen and recycle threads from waste linen.
Daicho processes about 3 million meters of linen fabrics a year. From 0.5 % through 1% of total processed linen fabrics, that is from 20 thousands meters through 30 thousands meters, are dumped for various reasons as red marks like above photo.

Recycled Linen

We’ve been wondering what we could do, every time faced eco, sustainable-related information on T.V. and magazines. One personnel of our firm who felt “mottainai” about fabric cut pieces thrown away at the mill every day brought about ideas of usage of such recycle threads.
We look forward to letting us know from anyone who is interested in this recycle yarn.

Company Profile

Company Name
Production area
Natural fiber,Linen fabric,Interior fabric


今回は廃棄されるハギレを糸に、そして新しく生地として復活させる 素晴らしい取り組みをされている大長さんの紹介ビデオです

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  • 滋賀にある大長さんのオススメ生地・加工紹介です。 独自の世界には無い技術開発を行っているメーカーです。 今回はウールにシルケット加工を施した生地!!

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